Das Danger Shadow Wolfs Rudel hatte eigentlich die ganze Zeit über eine Hymne, die glaube ich von DevilishSnowWolf geschrieben wurde, wessen ich mir aber nicht mehr ganz sicher bin. Auf jeden Fall ist sie in einem sehr guten Englisch geschrieben und hat nie wirklich eine Melodie bekommen, die ich kannte. Snow erwähnte, sie sei von Manowar - Warriors of the world. Hier könnt ihr den Text nachlesen.

Here our members stand/From all around the world
Waiting in a line/To hear the battle cry
All are gathered here/Victory is news
The moon will fill the hall/Bringing power to us all
We all alone are fighting/For justice that is true
We only fight to live/We’re here for all of you now
Swear the blood upon your skin/We’ll never try
Stand and fight together under darken sky.

Chorus Part 1 and Part 2

Brothers everywhere/Raise your paw into the air
we're warriors - warriors of the wulf
Like thunder from the sky/Swore to fight and die
we're warriors - worriors of the wulf

When they stand against us/Wulf they will never win
we said we would return/And here we are again
to bring them all destruction/Suffering and pain
we're the hammer of the wulf/We are thunder in the wulf
there you wait in fear/With swords in feval hands
with dreams to be the king/What should be a man
we laughed them off/And charged them all
in a life that is a lie/And in a final hour
they shell confess before they die

Chorus Part 1 and Part 2


If we should fall in battle
Our allies who fight by our side
Gather our strength and weapons
Tell our famillies how wie died
Until then we will be strong
We will fight for all that is real
All who stand in my was will die by steel.

3x(2 times Chorus Part 1 and one time Part 2)